ANALISIS PRAKELAYAKAN UNTUK MENCAPAI WISATA AGRO BERKELANJUTAN: Studi Kasus Agrowisata Bina Darma di Kabupaten Ogan Ilir Provinsi Sumatera Selatan Eka Mulyana1), Eka Intan Kumala Putri2), Setia Hadi2) 1

Eka Mulyana, Eka Intan Kumala Putri, Setia Hadi


ABSTRACT. Tourism is one of the sources of economic development which is growing so fast now. The kind of tourisms which has the big potential to develop is agro tourism. One of them is an Agrowisata Bina Darma. Yet, it has not been developed fully and utilised optimally up to now, so we need to do the study about the study on the sustainable development of agrotourism, the case is taken in Agrowisata Bina Darma. The purpose of the research is to estimate the carrying capacity, prefeasibility on economic in the developing in Agrowisata Bina Darma. The result of analysis on economic prefeasibilty determines that Agrowisata Bina Darma is deserved to be developed sustainably either to scenarios on managing each tourist area or roundtrip ticket. The carrying capacity to develop Agro Wisata Bina Darma is still good. The recommendation which is proposed that the organiser can increase an extra hour visit for each guest for tourist objects which have limited hour if there is an increase significantly on visitors.Keywords: Agrotourism, Carrying Capacity, Economy prefeasibility

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