Penyelesaian Masalah Pengelolaan Lumbung Pangan Desa Menggunakan Case-Based Reasoning dengan Algoritma K-Nearest Neighbor

Mgs. Afriyan Firdaus, Dwi Rosa Indah, Putri Eka Sevtiyuni, Choirunnisa Qonitah


In this paper, we discuss the problem solving of village food barn management using Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) with the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm. This research was carried out by adopting the stages of the CBR cycle and the nearest neighbor algorithm. The results of the study show that the application of CBR and K-nearest neighbor algorithms can support the resolution of knowledge problems in village food barn management using technical problem solving based on the symptoms and solutions to existing problems. Based on the test results, the problem-solving accuracy was 92%.

Keywords - case-based reasoning, K-nearest neighbor, food barn, problem-solving

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