The Author's Responsibilty

  1. Authors must present the result of thought or research article clearly, honestly, and without plagiarism, and data manipulation.
  2. The author is responsible for the confirmation which was filed on articles that have been written.
  3. The Authors must obey the requirements of the publication of the work in the form of originality, No plagiarism, and never published in journals or other publications.
  4. Authors should indicate the reference of the opinions and work of others who quoted.
  5. The author should write a script or articles ethically, honestly and responsibly, in accordance with the rules applicable scientific authorship.
  6. The author may not post / publish the same article to more than one journal or publication.
  7. The author does not mind if the articles experience editing without changing the substance of the article or the main idea.
  8. The Authors must fill out copyright form that is provided by JSI and can be donwload.