Analisis Perbandingan Simpangan Lateral dan Volume Material Antara Variasi Balok Grid Sejajar dan Diagonal pada Bangunan Beton Bentang Lebar (Mengacu pada Peraturan American Concrete Institute)

Angga Satriadi, Hanafiah ., Imron Fikri Astira


In the concrete’s buildings with large spans , the using of the ordinary structure system will create  the dimensions of the beam , column , and plate are large so that the building be disproportionate . Therefore, the waffle slab structure system was developed . Waffle slab is crossed beam system that is used to increase the stiffness of the plate , so that the smaller the deflection occurs , thus dimensional of structural elements can be minimized and eventually become less material usage . Waffle slab has many types , including the type of parallel waffle slab and diagonal waffle slab. This research aims to determine which system is more economical and rigid between the two types of those . This research uses 1 ordinary building model as a standard , 5 parallel waffle slab’s building and 5 diagonal waffle slab’s building with Lx and Ly spans is 10 m , height of each floor is 4 m , and given the same loads in accordance with the regulations of the American Society of Civil Engineers ( ASCE ) . There are 5 combinations of crossed beams who start of division 1 Lx and 1 Ly to division 5 Lx and 5 Ly for each waffle slab building model  . This research was supported by the program Extended Three Dimensional Analysis of Building Systems ( ETABS ) and refers to the regulation American Concrete Institute ( ACI ) . The results showed that the parallel waffle slab 1-1 has the best level of the material’s efficiency , amounting to 29.38 % , while the diagonal waffle slab 4-4 even more wasteful 38.78 % compared to the ordinary building’s structure .The  diagonal waffle slab 5-5 is the most rigid system , It’s stiffness increased by 40.41 % , while the parallel waffle slab 4-4 56.19 % more flexible than the ordinary building’s structure, but the drift is still into the limits of the allowable story drift.

Keywords : Waffle Slab, ETABS , ACI , Drift , Efficiency

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