The Utilization of Mixed Waste of Plastics, Tires, and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) as Asphalt Alternatif

Erwana Dewi


Asphalt is the important component in the making of infrastructure and rehabilitation of road in particular on the surface layer. The use of asphalt as a road surface coating materials is increasingly rising in number, so its affect the availability of asphalt was limited. The problem is not in line with the limited supply of petroleum as a primary material for producing natural asphalt. To overcome that problem, it needs an alternative in the form of synthetic asphalt by using any waste materials. The waste materials for making asphalt in this research use the various compositions such as tires, plastic, CPO as mixture compound. The purpose of this research is to establish the exact composition of asphalt Alternatif in order be able to produce asphalt or Bitumen with the characteristics fulfill asphalt Pen 80/100. The methodology of this research is by varying the composition of materials in each mixed waste of bitumen sample. The parameters of mixed waste as bitumen to testing are penetration, ductility, softening point, flash point, and density based on SNI. The result of this research were the compositions of mxture waste are 30 grams tirese, 66 ml CPO, and 15 grams plastie obtained the value of the penetrations of 101,5 mm, flash point is 208oC, and density of 1,028 gr/ml, The ductility value of the mixed asphalt is 3,00 cm, and softening point at 97oC. All those parameters fulfill the standard.

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