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Journal of Applied and Engineering Chemistry (JAEC) is an international journal covering all aspects of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Applied Chemistry. The journal publishes original research papers, short communications and review articles. The paper published in this journal implies that the work described has not been, and will not be published elsewhere. The submitted manuscripts are classified into three categories: original paper which presents original works in detail, notes and/or short communications which present novel and/or valuable information and reviews which present a general survey of specialized subject in chemistry and chemical engineering


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Peer Review Process

All manuscripts should be written in English or Indonesian except the abstract must be written in English. It suggested to be typed with full justification; singled spaced for abstract, references, figure captions, and tables; double spaced for text, in Arial 11, using no more than 20 pages for original papers, 10 pages for notes and/or short communication and 50 pages for reviews. Left and right margins should be 3.0 cm length.

The title should be typed in Arial 12 bold. The names of the authors and addresses at which the research was done, including postal code, should appear under the title. Use Arabic number typed as superscript to link authors to their addresses and asterisk to indicate the author(s) to whom correspondence should be addressed. Main headings (Abstract, Introduction, Experimental Method, Results and Discussion, Conclusions) are typed in bold and capital italics. Type all headings aligned left and lower case except the first letter of the first word or any proper name.

The abstract should contain no more than 200 words followed by 3-5 keywords. All references should be prepared according to the following style. Article in Journal: Author 1; Author 2; Author 3; etc., Journal Abbreviation, Year, Volume (Number), Inclusive Pagination Barrer. Chapter in a Book: Author 1; Author 2; Author 3; etc., Chapter Title. In Book Title, Edition Number; Editor 1, Editor 2, etc., Eds.; Series Information (if any); Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; Volume Number, Pagination. Whole Book: Author 1; Author 2; Author 3; etc., Book Title; Series Information (if any); Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; Volume Number, Pagination. Text references to the literature must be numbers in square brackets. Journals titles should be abbreviated according to the Chemical Abstract Service Source Index (CASSI).


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.