Journal of Economics & Development Policy

Journal of Economics & Development published since June 2003 by the Department of Development Economics, Faculty of Economics, University of Sriwijaya. Editors receive manuscripts of unpublished paper contributions in other journals. Manuscript typed in Ms.Word A4 single spaces along approximately 6000-8000 words in the format as stated in the Guidelines for Authors. Incoming scripts are evaluated and edited for uniformity of formats, terms and other ordinances.

Focus and Scope of this journal are development economics, public finance, regional economics, monetary economics, industrial economics, Islamic economics, agricultural economics, and human resources economics.


Journal of Economics and Development Policy (JEDP) Call for Papers 2017-2018
We invite you to submit your paper to JEDP. Papers submission deadlines:

Vol. 2 No. 2 Dec 2017, submission deadline: 15 Nov 2017
Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2018, submission deadline: 15 May 2018
Vol. 3 No. 2 Dec 2018, submission deadline: 15 Nov 2018




Guidelines for Authors


The manuscript has never been published in other print media, typed on Ms.Word with single space on A4 paper, 6000-8000 words.

The manuscripts contained in this journal include research writings, conceptual ideas, studies and application of theories, literature review and new book reviews.

The manuscripts are written by systematic (a) Abstract (50-100 words), (b) keywords, (c) the author's identity (without an academic degree), (d) introduction (no subtitles title), containing backgrounds purpose or scope of writing, (e) discussion, (f) Conclusions and suggestions, and (g) bibliography.

The manuscript is written with systematics (a) the title, (b) the name of the researcher (include the college / institution address, phone number and e-mail address), (c) abstract, (d) keywords, (e) introduction (f) research methods, (g) results and discussion, (h) conclusions and suggestions, and (f) bibliography.

The procedure of writing the sub-chapter title follows the following rules:

RANK 1 (All and all bold letters)

Rank 2 (All lowercase and in bold)

Rank 3 (uppercase only the beginning of sub chapters, italicized and bold)

The Bibliography is presented following procedures such as the following examples, arranged alphabetically and using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.


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Vol 13, No 2 (2015): December

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Imam Asngari
Alghifari Mahdi Igamo
Mardalena Mardalena, Suhel Suhel
Sukanto Sukanto
Putri Vialeta, Azwardi Azwardi, Imam Asngari