Increasing Percentage of Methane (Ch4) from Biogas with Purification

Abdullah Saleh


Biogas is the one of renewable energies that is the result of fermentation of methanogenic bacteria of biomass or organic substance . The low methane content in biogas is affected by the amount of impurities in the biogas. A membrane that produced from activated zeolite as an adsorbent is used to absorb or reduce the content of impuritiesin the biogas in order to increase methane in the biogas . Variate of research comprise variety the composition ratio of zeolite and clay as materials for zeolite membranes are 30:70 , 50:50 , 70:30 , and the effect of flow rate on the purification were 100% open valve and 50% open the valve . Parameters to determine the quality of the purification results biogas is methane percentage were analyzed by Gas Chromatography. The percentage of methane in biogas purification before treatment was 64.86 % . The results showed that the highest percentage of methane was 72.22 % that generated by biogas purification for zeolite and clay ratio was 70:30 with 100% open valve as the flow rate.

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