Pangeran Hidayatullah: Kasus Perang Banjarmasin (1859-1863)

Ita Syamtasiyah Ahyat


Prince Hidayatullah was the son of the king who are entitled to become sultan, because he was the son of a king (sultan) of the empress, in addition to the sultan has a son who comes from a concubine, who wants to be his father's successor sultan, named Prince Tamjidillah. In this case there was a dispute in the Sultanate of Banjarmasin, the Netherlands as colonialism domiciled in Banjarmasin very impartially Prince Tamjidillah, because the Prince Tamjidillah have recourse to the Netherlands. In addition, the Dutch want to control coal mine, belonging to the empire. Tamjidillah prince succeeded as sultan in the Sultanate of Banjarmasin with the support of the Netherlands. While Prince Hidayatullah escape forestry followed by his followers to fight against the Dutch. Increasingly chaotic situation and Sultan Tamjidillah can not handle the situation, then remove the Sultanate of Banjarmasin Netherlands, and the area became part of the sultanate territory. There was a war which is supported by the people of the Sultanate of Banjarmasin, who are not satisfied with the sultan and Dutch colonialism, for example in the area Continent Lima, Martapura and others, led by Prince Hidayatullah. and others. This paper aims to discuss how to fight the Prince Hidayatullah against the Netherlands, known as the Banjarmasin War (1859-1863), of the source used, among others, the Netherlands and simber local sources. Primary sources include documents / records such as the Colonial Verslag, memorie van Overgave, trip reports and others. Local sources like saga manuscripts, genealogy, kroniek, books contemporaries. Also used secondary sources in the form of studies that support for it, as well as the research results of the academic community How to use it by using the historical method that begins with research sources (heuristics), then the history of the selected source (criticized), then interpreted or analyzed, and the latter writing history (historiography).

Keywords: Prince Hidayatullah, Prince Tamjidillah, Netherlands, Coal, Banjarmasin War



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