Pemanfaatan Surimi Ikan Nila (Oreochromis niloticus) dengan Penambahan Tepung Rumput Laut (Kappaphycus alvarezii) sebagai Bahan Baku Pempek

Yoedy As, Rodiana Nopianti, Susi Lestari


The purpose of this research was to determine formulation pempek made from surimi with the addition seaweed flour as raw material that give the best characteristics and quality of pempek. The design was completely randomized design with different rasio of surimi that have been added seaweed powder (3%) and tapioca. Each treatment was repeated 3 times. Parameters observed were chemical analysis (water content, ash content, protein content, fat content, carbohydrate content, and fiber content), physical analysis (whitenees, gel strength), and sensory analysis (hedonic quality test). According to research that was conducted, A2 treatment (formulation pempek with surimi and tapioca ratio 2:2) was the best treatment based on chemical parameters (water content 56.38%, ash content 1.68%, 0.35% fat content, protein content 1, 83%, the levels of carbohydrates by difference 39.75%), physical (whiteness 72.46%, gel strength 501.53%) and sensory (appearance 4.8, the color of 4.76, texture 4.84, aroma 3.68, and taste 4.24).

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