Inovasi Sekolah Dasar: Jurnal Kajian Pengembangan Pendidikan

Inovasi Sekolah Dasar is a journal which is managed by the Study Programe of Elementary Teacher Education in the Faculty of Education Universitas Sriwijaya. Inovasi Sekolah Dasar already has p-ISSN 2355-7346 and online version e-ISSN 2685-6433. Inovasi Sekolah Dasar publishes the result of literature studies as well as research result in the scope of education in general and basic education in particular. The study cover education and learning in basic education, the studies of five areas of elementary school namely mathematics, Indonesian language, science, social studies, and civics and additional fields such as English in basic education includes the study of local content studied in the scope of basic education.



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##issue.vol## 10, 1 (2023): INOVASI SEKOLAH DASAR

Kajian Pengembangan Pendidikan



Achmad Fajar Syafii, Endang Sri Mujiwati, Nurita Primasatya
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.18732 Views of Abstract: 237 | PDF: 210
Khoirul Rodzikin, Dyah Mareta
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.19129 Views of Abstract: 265 | PDF: 198
Amalia Adnan, Amalia Adnan, Fajar Setiawan, Ishmatun Naila
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.20053 Views of Abstract: 159 | PDF: 89
Siti Dewi Maharani, Siti Swasti Eka Dewie
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.21363 Views of Abstract: 122 | PDF: 64
resa agustina, Liza Murniviyanti, Susanti Faipri Selegi
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.19897 Views of Abstract: 179 | PDF: 69
Eryn Tri Lastyanggun, Dhian Dwi Nur Wenda, Ita Kurnia
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.19402 Views of Abstract: 102 | PDF: 80
Rada Wijayana, Dhian Dwi Nur Wenda, Ita Kurnia
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.20278 Views of Abstract: 95 | PDF: 69
nurdin kamil, Siti Dewi Maharani
10.36706/jisd.v10i1.21410 Views of Abstract: 185 | PDF: 85