Conference Partnerships

JME (Journal on Mathematics Education), ISSN: 2087-8885, e-ISSN: 2407-0610 joint with several conference or Seminar to publish the selected (refereed) papers from each event which fulfill the requirements in our journal. There are five conferences from 2013 until 2017 that are supported by the JME:

  1. The Asian Mathematical Conference (AMC) 2016 (
  2. Konferensi Nasional Matematika (KNM) XVIII 2016 at Universitas Riau (
  3. The 2nd International Conference on Elementary and Teacher Education (ICETE) in Mataram, Lombok, 22-23 October 2016 organized by STKIP Hamzanwadi Selong (
  4. Konferensi Nasional Pendidikan Matematika (KNPM) VII 2017 at Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka

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