Widya Kusumaningih, Darhim Darhim, Tatang Herman, Turmudi Turmudi


The study was aimed to improve students algebraic thinking ability in the eighth-grade junior high school student through the multiple representation strategies using realistic approach. The multiple representation strategies consist of orientation, exploration, internalization, and evaluation. This study was quasi-experimental research with nonrandomized pretest-postest control group design. The population of this study was the student the eighth grade in Kudus city. Two classes were selected and classified as a class experiment that subject are given multiple representation strategies using realistic approach, and one other class as a control class that subject are given scientific approach. Data obtained was analyzed by the independent t-test and proportions test. The result showed that there was an interaction between the multiple representation strategies using the realistic approach on the ability of algebraic thinking. The student with multiple representation strategies had better algebraic thinking ability than the student with current scientific learning. In additions, more than seventy-five percent of the student with multiple representation strategies using realistic approach fulfill the learning completeness.


algebraic thinking, multiple representation, realistic mathematics, strategy


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